ITIL on your iPad – Connecting and displaying information onto a single screen for optimal governance

The governance of service delivery and service performance has never been more important than today.  We have demanding customers and business units, less money and less staff, […]

The undisputed facts about outsourcing, Part 1: Buyers are saving money, but aren’t seeing a whole lot more

I have just read the latest study from Horses from Sources conducted by the London School of Economics Outsourcing Unit on the State of Outsourcing in 2011. While […]

What’s Wrong With IT? – Part 1

Pretty much everything in IT depends on abstractions. In the same way that the driver of car really doesn’t need to know anything about the workings […]

Corporate IT is broken. What to do?

As the famous saying goes “Prediction is very difficult, especially about the future”. However, it seems obvious that the era of the PC as the principal […]

The race for “cloudspace” is now on……

Today Microsoft finally announced availability of its Azure platform and the race is officially on between the big boys on who will capture the lions share […]